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A selection of Japanese furniture ... Antiques Quilts Baskets Antique Textiles Wedding Kimono Payment About Us. Japanese Furniture & Miscellaneous ... Hibachi D223 (two photos below): ...

Japanese antiques and collectibles - Since 1987, we have spent 2-3 months a year mostly in the South of Japan, where we find our pieces through small dealers and local people. ... site ...

...Antique Furniture Styles.. Japanese Antique Furniture.. Antique Furniture Appraisals.....Renaissance Style.. Antique Japanese Furniture.. Antique Metal Furniture.. ...

...Baskets Antique Textiles Antique Furniture Wedding Kimono.....also have doll palaces (called "goten" in Japanese) and doll furniture. KIME KOME dolls.....Baskets ...

Visit the link for details.

View our collection of antique oriental furniture, including room divider screens, hand painted furniture, and more. ... Your online source for Japanese furniture, Asian furniture, and ...

Antique Japanese furniture from the Edo and Meiji periods. Located in Antwerp, Belgium.

Explore several sites with more information on the Asian styles of decorating.

Japanese and Korean antique furniture and contemporary designs. Featuring tansu chests, maru tables, step-dansu, tatami mats, and shoji screens.

About Japanese furniture. ... Japanese Furniture. Japanese and Korean furniture. Antique and modern designs ... Japanese Antique Furniture: A Guide to Evaluating and Restoring ...

T A N S U Traditional Oriental Antique Furniture Chinese Japanese Welcome, we have collections of Japanese and Chinese furniture and artefacts, please make your choice above.

...Garments prices slashed.. Obi.. Antique Textiles.. Japanese Fabrics.....other traditional Japanese items. Fred's Furniture for an unbelievably wide range of.....s Day ...

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